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66x42x6.0 H3 Primed Dar

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66x42x6.0 H3 Primed Dar

Introducing the 66x42x6.0 H3 Primed Dar, a high-quality timber product that is perfect for various construction and renovation projects. This product is designed to meet your specific needs and provide exceptional durability and performance.


  • Dimensions: 66x42x6.0
  • Grade: H3
  • Finish: Primed Dar

Product Advantages:

  • High-quality timber for superior strength and longevity
  • Perfect for construction and renovation projects
  • Resistant to decay, rot, and insect damage
  • Easy to work with and install
  • Provides a smooth and attractive finish

Upgrade your construction or renovation project with the 66x42x6.0 H3 Primed Dar. Shop now at Alpha Timber and experience the difference!