Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Alpha Timber Pty Ltd

1. Overview
Alpha Timber Pty Ltd is committed to upholding the highest standards of data privacy and protection. This Privacy Policy delineates the nature of personal data we gather, its utilization, and our steadfast commitment to ensuring its security.

2. Corporate Details
Entity: Alpha Timber Pty Ltd
Location: 10 Lancaster Street, Ingleburn, NSW, 2566
Electronic Mail:
Telephone: + (02) 4605 0215

3. Data Acquisition

We meticulously gather the ensuing personal data from our clientele:
• Full Names
• Electronic Mail Addresses
• Postal Addresses
• Contact Numbers
We expressly abstain from procuring non-personal data such as cookies, IP addresses, or user browsing patterns.

4. Purpose of Data Collection
The personal data amassed serves pivotal roles in:
• Streamlining order facilitation
• Enhancing customer service operations

5. Disclosure to Third Parties
We maintain a stringent policy of not disseminating any acquired data to external entities. Moreover, we refrain from employing third-party analytical tools that might independently amass data.

6. User Autonomy
Clients reserve the prerogative to withdraw from specific data collection practices. To exercise this right, one may liaise directly with our dedicated staff. Furthermore, clients can request access to, modification of, or deletion of their personal records by reaching out to our team.

7. Safeguarding Data
We employ state-of-the-art technological measures, including secure servers and SSL Encryption, to fortify the protection of client data against unauthorized access, alteration, or dissemination.

8. Retention of Data
Client data remains in our custody until we receive explicit instructions for its removal.

9. International Data Handling
We staunchly store all client data within the confines of the local jurisdiction, ensuring no cross-border data processing occurs.

10. Amendments to the Privacy Policy
In the event of modifications to this Privacy Policy, stakeholders will be duly informed via electronic mail or SMS notifications.

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10 Lancaster Street,
Ingleburn New South Wales
2565, Australia.

0452 152 551