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DEVO-CLAD 161x20x1829mm Castellation Panel

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DEVO-CLAD 161x20x1829mm Castellation Panel

Transform your space with the DEVO-CLAD 161x20x1829mm Castellation Panel, an architectural marvel designed to add depth and texture to your exteriors. These panels are meticulously crafted to create a dynamic visual effect, mimicking the look of traditional castellated beams with the durability and ease of modern materials.


  • Dimensions: 161mm width, 20mm thickness, 1829mm length
  • Durable construction for long-term exterior use
  • Unique castellation profile enhances aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to install, saving time and labor costs
  • Resistant to weather, rot, and insect damage
  • Low maintenance, retaining beauty with minimal effort
  • Eco-friendly material, supporting sustainable building practices

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