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90x19x5.4 FJ Merbau Decking

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90x19x5.4 FJ Merbau Decking

Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with our premium quality 90x19x5.4 FJ Merbau Decking. Crafted from the finest Merbau timber, this decking is designed to withstand the test of time while adding a touch of elegance to your deck or patio.


  • Dimensions: 90mm x 19mm x 5.4m
  • Material: FJ Merbau timber
  • Finish: Smooth and durable
  • Resistance: Termite and rot resistant
  • Installation: Easy to install and maintain

Transform your outdoor living space with our 90x19x5.4 FJ Merbau Decking and enjoy its numerous benefits:

  • Enhances the aesthetic appeal of your deck or patio
  • Provides a sturdy and durable surface for outdoor activities
  • Resistant to termites and rot, ensuring longevity
  • Smooth finish for a comfortable walking experience
  • Easy to install and maintain, saving you time and effort

Upgrade your outdoor area today with Alpha Timber's 90x19x5.4 FJ Merbau Decking!