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280x65x5.4m Primed GL8 H3 Post

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280x65x5.4m Primed GL8 H3 Post

A 280x65x5.4m Primed GL8 H3 Post is a high-quality timber post that is perfect for various construction and landscaping projects. It is treated with H3 preservative, making it resistant to decay and insect attacks. The post is also primed, providing an excellent base for paint or stain.


  • Dimensions: 280mm x 65mm x 5.4m
  • Treatment: H3 preservative for durability
  • Finish: Primed for easy painting or staining


  • High-quality timber for long-lasting performance
  • Resistant to decay and insect attacks
  • Primed surface allows for easy customization
  • Perfect for construction and landscaping projects

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